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Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

With more than 1.5 million residents in nursing homes nationwide, improper care (and nursing home and elderly abuse) is an unfortunate reality for many elderly Americans.  Abuse can take many forms in an assisted-living setting, from verbal and physical attacks, to neglect. Most distressing is that often the victims of abuse don’t report these incidents for fear of retaliation by their supposed caretakers. Liss & Marion, P.C. is committed to protecting the elderly who are our most vulnerable citizens.

Signs that a loved one is being mistreated include bed sores around the lower back and shoulder areas, incorrect medications or dosages, depression or anxiety, and malnutrition or dehydration often exhibited through a sudden weight loss. Unsanitary conditions in an assisted-living facility can also indicate negligence, as carelessness also causes a higher probability for a fall or other “accidental” injury to occur. Liss & Marion is in a unique position to evaluate nursing home injuries. Contact the law firm if you or a loved one suspect negligence or abuse in a nursing home.

Elder abuse, including neglect and exploitation, is experienced by 1 out of every 10 people, ages 60 and older, who live at home.

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