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Case Examples

Here are a few examples of cases we have won for clients.

Liss & Marion Successfully Settles Workers’ Compensation Claims

While running an errand for her employer, Christy, a 32 year old woman, was crossing the street when she was struck by a car and suffered severe injuries. Liss & Marion recently settled her workers’ compensation claim in the sum of $280,000. The insurance company also remains responsible to pay for all of Christy’s future medical expenses related to the accident. During negotiations, the firm’s attorneys also insisted that the insurance company must pay a “penalty” for its delay in

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Liss & Marion Win Successful Settlement Against National Restaurant Arcade Chain

Mark (not his real name), a 41-year old Philadelphia man, took his family to a well known restaurant and arcade where he slipped and fell in the bathroom. Mark had a long history of injuries, illnesses and previous claims for which he had applied for Social Security Disability, workers’ compensation and other benefits. The fall aggravated his previous injuries. He retained a neighborhood attorney who, in the course of nearly two years, performed virtually no work on the case. The

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Liss & Marion Wins 1.5 Million for Lancaster County Family

A Lancaster County mother and 14-year old daughter were involved in a very serious tractor-trailer accident near their home. The family retained an attorney who tried to settle the case by demanding the sum of $800,000. He advised the family to compromise and accept an even lesser amount if it was offered. Surprisingly, the tractor trailer’s insurance company was not willing to make a settlement offer and, instead, prepared its defense. The family’s first attorney referred the case to Liss

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Liss & Marion Negotiates Settlements for Clients Who Suffered Catastrophic Injuries

Liss & Marion Negotiates Settlements for Clients In recent months, Liss & Marion helped two of its clients who suffered catastrophic injuries. In each case, the firm aggressively pursued lawsuits, prepared the cases for trial and then negotiated successful settlements. In both cases, the firm’s attorneys worked diligently with Mediators who served as independent, neutral third parties to facilitate settlement negotiations. In the past few months, Liss & Marion successfully concluded through Mediation the following cases: 1. A confidential settlement

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Liss & Marion wins Supreme Court case

The unanimous Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently upheld a $600,000 verdict in the class action case of Liss & Marion, P.C. vs. Recordex. The court agreed that Recordex violated the Medical Records Act by overcharging lawyers who obtained copies of certain types of medical records on behalf of their clients. Liss argued in the case that Recordex “ripped off” consumers who needed to get their medical records. The lawsuit was initially filed in 2003 and took seven years of litigation and

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Truck driver settlement over $1 million

Liss & Marion recently negotiated a confidential settlement in excess of $1,000,000 on behalf of a 74 year old truck driver, Bill, who was involved in a collision. Immediately after the collision, Bill thought that he was just shaken up but otherwise felt okay. A week later, he went to his doctor and started physical therapy for a sore back. He developed dizziness and, three months later, Bill was diagnosed with a brain injury. Liss & Marion retained experts who

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Liss & Marion wins falldown cases

In two Philadelphia lawsuits, Liss & Marion won verdicts in the sums of $500,000 and $325,000. Both clients suffered significant injuries when they fell on separate properties with dangerous sidewalks. Unfortunately, the property owners did not have liability insurance to compensate the firm’s clients. It is generally difficult to collect compensation when the responsible party does not have valid insurance coverage. Ricky Liss, Esquire, recently said that “our firm will try to collect the verdict from the property owner’s personal

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Liss & Marion Recovers $2 Million Compensation

Liss & Marion represented the family of a 52 year old man who was crushed by a machine while at work in the Lehigh Valley. Tragically, the injured worker died as a result of the accident. Liss & Marion represented the man’s Estate and his wife. Liss & Marion worked as co-counsel to represent the man’s Estate and his wife to protect the family’s legal rights and  recover total compensation in excess of $2,000,000. LissLaw See Full Bio

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Defective Product Causes Injury

Ricky L. Liss, Esquire represented a 12 year old boy, who was in a baseball batting cage with a defective pitching machine. The pitching machine shot hard, plastic balls too fast and directly at the boy. One of the balls struck the boy in the face and broke his jaw, which had to be wired shut for weeks. Fortunately, the boy made a complete recovery and Liss won substantial compensation for him. Many injuries occur from products, whether complex equipment

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Liss & Marion Wins Million Dollar Case

A Haitian-American couple was involved in a motor vehicle collision in Philadelphia. Their vehicle was crushed by a van which was owned and operated by a large multi-national company. The husband and wife suffered serious injuries which required both to be hospitalized. The corporate defendant initially disputed any liability for the accident and refused to consider settlement. The firm aggressively prepared the case for trial. After weeks of mediation and just before trial, the case was settled. Due to a

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Tips if you suffer accident or injury

If you have been involved in any type of accident, it is important for you to immediately consult with your attorney. Do not give a signed or recorded statement to anyone, including your own insurance company. Consult with your lawyer before you give a statement since recorded statements are routinely disclosed to all other parties in a lawsuit. You can get a free consultation at Liss and Marion, by calling 215-665-1500. An attorney can advise you of your rights so

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Liss & Marion Win Social Security Cases

Liss & Marion, P.C. has represented many clients who submitted claims for Social Security disability benefits. The social security administration initially denied them payment of disability benefits. Liss & Marion filed appeals. The appeals process can involve several levels, including a hearing with an administrative law judge. Our firm usually succeeds in convincing the judges to grant disability benefits to our clients. Filing or appealing a social security claim can be very complicated. Thus, it is a good idea to

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