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Medical malpractice

Healthcare Provider Negligence

The term ‘medical malpractice’ means that a healthcare provider is negligent and fails to administer proper care. A mistake made by any doctor, therapist, nurse, or pharmacist can result in a case if the mistake causes a patient to suffer serious injury. These mistakes can occur for many reasons:

Surgical errors
Incorrect medications or dosages
Wrongful death
Misdiagnosis / No diagnosis / Delayed diagnosis
Birth errors, fetal injury or death
Other errors which fall below the standard of care

Approximately 15 percent of all personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits filed throughout the nation result from medical malpractice.

In monetary terms, medical malpractice can add up to prolonged hospital stays, higher medical bills and lost earnings from work wages. Physically, these injuries can lead to discomfort, pain, permanent disability, and in the worst of cases, death. Contact our office for a free consultation so that the professional expertise of Liss & Marion can help you.

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