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Liss & Marion Win Successful Settlement Against National Restaurant Arcade Chain

Mark (not his real name), a 41-year old Philadelphia man, took his family to a well known restaurant and arcade where he slipped and fell in the bathroom. Mark had a long history of injuries, illnesses and previous claims for which he had applied for Social Security Disability, workers’ compensation and other benefits. The fall aggravated his previous injuries. He retained a neighborhood attorney who, in the course of nearly two years, performed virtually no work on the case. The defendant restaurant denied the claim and refused to make any settlement offer at all.

Mark wisely changed attorneys and retained Liss & Marion who immediately filed a lawsuit to protect his interests before the two year Statute of Limitations deadline barred his claims. Liss & Marion aggressively litigated the case, took depositions, obtained the defendant’s surveillance video, retained experts and reviewed Mark’s extensive medical records both before and after his accident.

As the case approached trial, Liss & Marion negotiated Mark’s claims. All parties attended a lengthy Mediation Hearing, at which time Liss & Marion were successful in winning a settlement in excess of $500,000. (The exact amount is confidential as part of the settlement).

Mark and his wife were fortunate to recover the compensation to which they were entitled. However, it is always best for a client and easiest to maximize recovery when the client retains good competent counsel at the very beginning of a case. Don’t delay – contact Liss & Marion, the premier personal injury firm!

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