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Liss and Marion Obtains Seven Figure Verdict at Trial in Camden County 

Insurance companies track law firms, like Liss & Marion, who are willing to go to trial and fight in court to maximize compensation for their clients.  They also know the lawyers who will settle cheaply because they won’t go to court.  At Liss & Marion, your lawyer will always fight for your rights! 


Recently, Liss & Marion attorney, Andrew Van Wagner, Esquire, represented a client who slipped and fell on a wet floor in the service area of a car dealership.  She landed on her left arm, suffered serious injuries, and never fully recovered.  


At trial, Attorney Van Wagner argued that the floor was unsafe for customers, that the dealership was negligent in creating a hazard that caused fall, and that the defendant had an unsafe policy which forced its customers to walk over the floor and through any debris or liquid left by the cars coming in for service. The dealership refuted these claims and failed to take any responsibility for its actions. They argued that the floor was safe, blamed our client for the fall, and disputed the extent of her injuries.  


Before the trial began, the settlement offer was just $ 300,000.00. During the course of the trial, the defense increased its offer to $500,000.00.  The client ultimately rejected these offers and awaited a verdict.  At the conclusion of the case, the jury unanimously found the dealership was solely responsible for the incident and awarded my client more than $3 million! The verdict obtained by Attorney Van Wagner was the fourth highest in all of New Jersey in 2023.  


If you’ve been injured as a result of a slip and fall, trip and fall, or motor vehicle collision don’t settle for a lawyer who won’t go to court. Contact the trial attorneys at Liss & Marion who will fight to get the compensation you deserve.  


Recent Settlements 


  • June 2024 – Liss & Marion enters into confidential high six-figure settlement against ride share company for a client who sustained a concussion in a motor vehicle collision in Delaware County. 


  • May 2024 – Liss & Marion enters into confidential six-figure settlement against auto dealership in Philadelphia County for failing to properly remove snow and ice from their parking lot.  


  • May 2024 – Liss & Marion enters into a confidential six-figure settlement for a minor who was struck by a vehicle in Delaware County.  


  • April 2024 – Liss & Marion successfully settles a premises liability case for six figures where the client was caused to trip and fall in a parking lot in Philadelphia County. 


  • April 2024 – Liss & Marion successfully mediates a slip and fall case in Northampton County and obtains a significant six-figure settlement. 


The results at Liss & Marion speak for themselves. Contact us today and let us fight for you.  



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