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When It Comes to Big Dollar Settlements, We Don’t Stop for Nice Round Numbers…

When It Comes to Big Dollar Settlements, We Don’t Stop for Nice Round Numbers

We fight for every dollar you are owed!

Liss and Marion recently obtain a $1,646,600.00 settlement against a large chain pharmacy company when our client slipped and fell on a banana peel.

The pharmacy tried to deny liability and on multiple occasions threatened to have our case thrown out of court, claiming that the story of slipping on a banana peel was so ludicrous and ridiculous that no jury could or would believe the story of our client.  That is where it got interesting.  Liss and Marion spent hours and hours, and worked with multiple experts including experts in security and surveillance footage, to track down what the pharmacy had tried to hid, video footage of the accident!  Armed with this footage, which showed a gruesome fall, the pharmacy and their insurance company had no choice but to try to resolve the matter.

Our client, a lovely young food service employee’s, life was thrown into absolute and utter chaos following the accident.  Because of the fall, and the injuries she suffered, she was forced to undergo four (4) low-back surgeries to repair the damage.  Equipped with aggressive attorneys and powerful evidence discovered by expert investigators, the matter went to a private mediation with a Judge to aid in resolving the case.

As settlement discussion moved forward, Liss and Marion responded with one simple word, MORE.  More, more, more.  Finally the matter was able to be resolved and our client will recover $1,646,600.00 in compensation.  Despite the surgeries, our client still suffers from occasional pain from this incident, but thankfully, backed by the lawyers at Lis and Marion, she no longer has to worry about her finances, and can focus on healing and living her life to the fullest.


You may fall, but at Liss & Marion, we are here to help you get back up!


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